01-12-12: "The Halberdier, by Moonlight" Out Now
The Fall 2011 issue of On Spec, featuring my story "The Halberdier, by Moonlight" is now out. With my name on the cover!

On Spec, Fall 2011

12-18-11: "The Halberdier, by Moonlight" forthcoming in Fall 2011 On Spec
My "slipstream plus armor" story "The Halberdier, by Moonlight" will be out soon, in the Fall 2011 issue of On Spec.

07-08-11: "Of Casting Pits and Caustic Salts" in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly
My fantasy espionage story "Of Casting Pits and Caustic Salts" is in the current issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly. If you like taut spy stories set in desert worlds with giant beetles, check it out!

05-18-11: "The Very Strange Weird of Endart Sscowth" in Space and Time
My short satire "The Very Strange Weird of Endart Sscowth" will be appearing in Issue #114 of Space and Time, with my name on the cover. Pretty cool!

Space and Time #114

11-11-10: Story Sale to On Spec
My story "The Halberdier, by Moonlight," has sold to long-running Canadian spec-fic journal On Spec. They've published lots of great neo-pro authors, like Tony Pi, and I'm thrilled to be forthcoming in their pages.

02-24-10: "Picking Up the Spin" out in M-Brane SF
Issue #14 of M-Brane SF, featuring my hard-SF baseball story "Picking Up the Spin", is now out! See my Journal for details.

M-Brane 14 Cover

02-08-10: Story Sale to M-Brane SF
My near-future, hard-SF baseball story "Picking Up the Spin" will be appearing in Issue #14 of M-Brane SF, a very cool up-and-coming online SF magazine.

01-31-10: Boskone
I will be at Boskone, one of the Boston-area F/SF cons, on Feb. 12-24. I will be on several panels about online F/SF (8PM Fri, 11AM Sun, Noon Sun), and I will be hosting a Beneath Ceaseless Skies reading Saturday at 5 PM on Friday. See my Journal for details.

01-25-10: "Excision" Podcast Out
The audio podcast of my story "Excision," which appeared in Weird Tales a few years ago, is out now from Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. You can check it out here. They had me tape a segment of author's notes explaining the genesis of the story, which you can hear at the end of their reading performance. And they have this very cool cover art for the story:

Dunsteef Excision Artwork

01-4-10: Beneath Ceaseless Skies in Rich Horton's Year-End Summaries
Beneath Ceaseless Skies, my literary adventure fantasy magazine, which started last fall, got a great review in editor/reviewer Rich Horton's year-end summary of the magazine. Among other praise, he said that BCS is "a really important source of fantasy." Very cool!

Beneath Ceaseless Skies


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